Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rain in my college...

Rain in my college meant:
1. Girls getting dreamy.
2. Girls taking deep sighs and repeatedly saying: 'How Romantic...'
3. Girls bunking classes.
4. Girls eating 'samosas' and 'pakoras'.
5. Girls opening their hair. 
6. Girls bathing in the rain (a great scene if not for boys/men, then our male help in college).
7. Girls calling up their boyfriends/fiances and forcing them to bunk their college/work to pick them up. Those who don't or can't show up, God help them later.
8. Girls singing songs, commonly 'Pyar hua, Iqrar hua'.
9. Girls dancing on Shakira's 'Hips don't lie'.
10. Girls taking lots, and I mean LOTS of pictures.
11. Girls analyzing each other on who looks sexier upon getting wet.
12. Girls being girls.

As for boys, I don't know what they do. But I do know about one boy - my brother, and he absolutely and completely hates the rain. It was his duty to drop me off to work this morning and since it had rained all morning, there was traffic blockage and the rain kept pouring, and all I could hear him say was: 'Fuck Rain, Fuck Rain, Fuck Rain'. 


Alpha Za said...

Haha, I'm happy to report that your brother doesnt speak for all of mankind.

though I hate it when it's raining and I'm dressed in work clothes!

Mubi said...

haha seriously number 11? that happened? lol :p

good post though!

Amna K said...

@Murtaza: So you'll be the second guy I know who hates rain (work clothes or no work clothes). Together you guys speak for all of mankind! Ofcourse, there could be exceptions, because I'm not seen doing all of the things above. (except number 4!) :-D

@Mubi: Yes!! That happens!! No one would admit! Lol!

Thanks! :-)

Mackers said...

Hey, I like your hara bhara blog, and have subscribed.

The only ones from that list that guys would do are no.3 and no.4, but then again guys do that rain or no rain

Anyways, thanks for subscribing, I do appreciate it.

Amna K said...

Mackers: Thank-you for calling it hara bhara. :-)

Ammara said...

its funny
but u knw....
its exaggerated
me and miss almas never bunked classes
hav u forgotten the huge group of
social rejects , among teachers and students...who ignored the World and worked...?

Amna K said...

ahaha!! Ofcourse!! ahaha! :-D But Ammara, Ms. Almas was a social reject, NOT. YOU!
ahahah! I know what you mean!