Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So much for Tolerance, Laws and Education - Governor Taseer's Assassination

I had an almost 'rough' conversation, or rather a rough debate, for more than an hour with my brother last night after the news about the assassination of Governor Punjab, Salman Taseer had been declared. Before this incident, I had no knowledge about his views on Aasiya Bibi's case. What has happened is extremely horrible and unjust and that the man, Taseer, died an unfair death.

Not that my brother a) supports the Zia regime, b) supports the murder of Salman Taseer c) supports any Mullah regime either (I added this just to make it clear enough) and d) 'wholly' supports Aasiya Bibi's case.

Sure, if I call out names or point out bad things or faults about XYZ' s relation or friend, he/she would get defensive and would have the desire to slap me hard or something. I, myself, would want to hurl a stone at someone or say out my share of abuses to them if they would say or do something offensive about any of my relations. Keeping this aspect under the limelight, religion, religious practices and personalities like Prophets/Imams/etc associated with religion, account for a similar situation. It is understandable when your blood boils at someone abusing anything or anyone regarding your faith. No offence to atheists or agnostics, but personally I believe that without the shelter of any kind of religion or faith, a person is leading a rather confused life. There has to be a path of principles for one to follow. Whether one is consistent enough on that path is another question. Or probably no question at all as that would be between him/her and his/her god. So, religion generally is important. 

Getting back to the relevance of the subject, as Muslims, we do know that till today, the rule of chopping off of hands in Saudi Arabia (one of the hard-core Islamic States in the world) is still implemented. The people are allowed to go and watch executions that take place for those who commit a crime under the Shariah. Women whether they are Muslims or Non-Muslims cannot go out without covering themselves, properly. So, such things are there and the death penalty for crimes such as the kind Aasiya Bibi is said to have committed is there too.

Living in the worst times of all ages, it is no surprise that the case as above seems to be an entangled one. And in order to disentangle, prioritizing things in your religion is what should be done. In particular for this one, the aspects of Tolerance and Humanity should have taken priority over announcing punishment for the crime and that they should have been observed as they are most undoubtedly taught in Islam. Especially considering the fact that the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is already a Muslim-majority country. No actual harm can come about from the minorities' end actually. Why? Because common sense: they are the 'Minorities'. So technically, shouldn't tolerance be easy enough to observe? Taking this forward, it is also important that the present, more modern times, should be brought under the focus. To implement laws in accordance to what religion preaches and in accordance to modernized ways of living may be a complicated task, but it has to be done in order to get a peaceful nation out of a crappy one. Since this is not being done, it's probably the reason why my brother is not 'wholly' in favour of Aasiya Bibi. 

I just heard that a majority of the students from LUMS, one of the top institutes in Pakistan, have made a group in support of Malik Mumtaz Qadri, the guard who shot Salman Taseer. I always doubted our education system in Pakistan. Somehow, this news brings forth a clearer picture. I mean that if people from the modern age, our so-called youth who are supposed to carry an enlightened vision, are ready to act in this manner, then I'm very sorry to say that maybe we do deserve the image that we have currently on the international scale as a nation of terrorists. Today, it's a security guard, probably a brain-washed one; tomorrow it could be one of our kind with a top-class education. Taking the law in your own hands might just become a culture here. (Or has it already?) More Faisal Shahzad's in the making... eh.


Aseela Haque said...

Wow that LUMS group news is shocking.

I cant believe people are that ridiculous.

The Blasphemy Law is harsh. They should abolish it if it's being used against minorities like that. This is a really sad moment for Pakistan.

Furree Katt said...

i agree with Aseela's comment

Amna K said...

Aseela: I also heard just now that many lawyers have agreed to work for free in support of that Qadri guy. We're all left confused as to what exactly is going on in Pakistan.

Thanks for dropping by! :-)

Furree Katt: I agree with her too. And I also agree that you agree with her comment!


Aseela Haque said...

Wow that's just sad... I don't even know what to say.

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. I honestly don't know what to say.. I'm quite sure that the assassination of the governor is all over the news. Problem is, I don't really listen or check the news too often. hehehe...

Anyway. I just kep reading.. so the chopping of hands is still implemented? whoa.. scary. But I guess, that's punishment for some crime one did, right? That's for stealing, right? So sorry.. I'm not that learned with Muslim rules. =)

Well.. I, for one, does not see Pakistan as a nation of terrorists. Honest. I have Pakistani friends in my Facebook and even Blogger, and they're quite nice and educated people. But yes, almost everybody I know thinks of Pakistan as a nation of terrorists.. I don't know if you;ve heard about the.. shooting accident here in Manila, Philippines late last year? Some Chinese nationals were held hostage, shot and killed. After that incident, people sees the Philippines as a dangerous country.. and Filipinos as war freaks.

I mean, it's the image my country projects.. It's kinda sad.. but well, nothing I can do about it really.. well, except to promote to my international friends that we, Filipinos, are friendly people and our nation is a very hospitable country. =)

Yay! I have a very long comment. hehehe.. sorry about that. Anyway, thanks so much for dropping by my blog. Appreciate your comment. Have a nice day!

New follower, by the way.. hope you could follow me back. =)

Amna K said...

Leah: You said a lot! I like you :-)

Yeah, the cutting off of hands is the punishment in Islam for thieves. It's not done in Pakistan though. It's pretty scary, yes, But it kinda keeps the crime rate low.

Well, am I glad or what! Because of a bunch of twisted ass-holes, we're known as the nation of terrorists. But hey, we're definitely not all like that :-) And I'm glad you don't need to be told that as you know the people here personally.

Um, I think that I did hear about such an incident. But I'm not sure of any details. That sucks actually. But I completely understand how you feel as we surely go through similar situations.

I'm sure your country is friendly and hospitable. You're representing it well enough! :-)

haha! Yay you! I loved your long comment! I had a pretty good Sunday. Thanks! :-D

p.s. Imma totally following you! :-D

TLW said...

Wow Amna, this LUMS news is shocking. Are you sure its true?

Any web links?

And nice write up. Utterly depressing what happened.

The Paddle said...

A group in LUMS eh ?? 90% of my Batch-mates are supporting that Qadri guy. I got tagged in God knows how many pics on Facebook commending his efforts and calling him a true Muslim and God knows what else. Idiots -_-

Amna K said...

TLW: I don't know but somehow, it's not that shocking for me. Maybe because I'm a Lahorite and know a reasonable number of Lumunites (friends and friends of friends, cousins, etc) There are two extremes residing inside: Ones that are super-conservative and ones that are super-liberal. Not sure if you know about this but regular 'dars' classes take place in there. So yeah, I don't have any web links. It's the inside scoop I got from a friend and that says that a majority are on Qadri's side, that he's justified and all and hence, they support him. The whole education system in Pakistan calls for a revamp.

I know, it's utter depression and mayhem.

Thanks :-)

The Paddle: Well, thank-God, none of my friends and batch-mates are on his side. But my work folks definitely are! Yep, total idiots!