Saturday, December 18, 2010

The-Sheila-Hype [Embarrassing]

Is it embarrassing that I haven't heard the famous song 'Sheila ki Jawani'? Not yet.. No. I got to know more about its popularity while surfing on the blogosphere rather than on television. Then again, I hardly spend time in front of that box to gain any knowledge of anything relevant about... anything relevant? :/

I think it's a little embarrassing since it's being talked about so much. Some are saying that they love it and some despise it. And I got to know that the 'Sheila' song appeared on local news channels as well, like in the headlines, saying how awesome it really is. Well, it must be something for sure. But the news channels entail an amazing, fearful and rather wondrous amount of crap as well, so doesn't that suggest that it could be potential bull-crap too? I should probably allow my ears the liberty to hear it once at least. I mean that I 'could' just youtube it, just for the heck of it. Even while writing this post down, I'm not making the effort of youtube-ing it. But then currently, I do have an excuse to not listen to it in respect of the holy month. Come to think of it, am I enjoying the embarrassment? No. I don't think so because I think that I find Katrina Kaif really pretty and I tend to enjoy the ever-so-popular 'item songs' of Bollywood. They may not stand eligible to be in my music player but definitely eligible for stuff like parties and weddings.

Well, at least I've heard the 'Munni' song. Salman Khan is... well... yeah... that he is! No? I think he is... And now I feel embarrassed that I never made the effort of watching his movie either. The 'Munni' movie? (Can't remember the name). Too lazy to google it right now, so I'll just continue pouring these precisely aimless and desultory thoughts.

A fellow blogger is actively involved in some kind of campaign, the nature of which I fail to understand and she won't tell me about it either. I mean that I'm eager enough to know more about it and so left a comment to ask her, but she didn't reply and instead left a rather interesting comment on one of my older posts. Is that too petty a thing for me to be writing/thinking about? Normally, I forget after leaving comments on blogs and don't bother with replies. Maybe she wants me to wait and watch her blog as she adds more posts about it. I'm cool with that. But then I had a valid question too. Oh... Am I embarrassing myself again? Petty. I know. But I will reply to her comment. It 'needs' one actually.

Is it embarrassing that I'm being petty and embarrassing? I think that it should be. My friends are whining and complaining that I'm not keeping in touch. It's bugging me because they're right. That's a little distressing but I will, eventually, get back to them. After all, life without them does tend to suck. And I must not treat this situation the same way I'm treating the 'Sheila-Hype' situation. No sir. That's not me I tell ya.

Here you go, I just made a call to one of my besties. She didn't pick up. Obviously. Now it's not my fault that it's almost 3 am and she's asleep. Definitely asleep. I made the call though.

I inboxed a friend a certain number between 1 and 1000 and this was the relevant info behind it that she gave me .. 'for' me:

'Manchester United was born superior to Arsenal. Why? How? When? You aren't asking the right questions. And I'm not sure I want to waste my time explaining how history works.'

Yet another utterly confounded embarrassing situation it is for me... No fair.

Quite a number of e-mails are sleeping in my inbox, waiting patiently to be opened or replied someday by my great own self. They are both work and non-work e-mails. I'm dealing with this situation in a similar fashion as I'm dealing with the 'Sheila-Hype' situation. I'm wondering when I'll finally decide to come up with an opinion for it, after listening to it ofcourse; whether it'll be too late for me to tell the world how I finally found it. It'll probably be like:

Me: Eh, it was horrible/awesome.

World: Get a life. Katrina Kaif is 115 years old now and probably looks like Frankenstein.

One day. One day, I will listen to the song and show the middle finger to all. And thou shalt live to see.