Sunday, August 16, 2015

My blogging and Food

Hi! (to myself, I think)

As is obvious, I haven't been around this blog in over 4 years. I had been running my Wordpress blog (off and on) and an anonymous Tumblr blog. For now, I have decided to not share the links to these blogs here. I changed the url of my Wordpress blog, even though it's not anonymous, as I didn't want to catch the attention of some people. It carries most of my published work (you know, serious stuff) and I'm thinking of sharing my work on it as it comes. 

Blogging came to me when I was an idealistic environmentalist and an aspiring writer. Gradually, I grew to become a pseudo-environmentalist, and now I think I hardly do anything about it. But my principles based on the 4 years of environmental studies are the same. Like George Costanza from Seinfeld, I'm just not doing anything about it! As for my writing, I still aspire to be better and more consistent. 

Lately, I have been experiencing an existential crisis of sorts - something that I had been going through for the past 2 and a half years, I suppose, and had to come out to myself. And even though my Tumblr blog was not meant to be for it, I have chosen it to jot down the chronicles of this crisis. Belonging to a country like Pakistan, one can only pretend to be free, really. Given one's financial and social status, life can be better and you could even run away from this place to breathe. Hence, using writing as a tool to process, vent and make sense of things, I can't exactly be very direct on the Tumblr blog too. And for that, I have a diary in hard (so that's my 4th blog you can say), where I write in a more direct way. I hope to keep the Tumblr blog and that diary unread till my last breath.

Anyway, I plan to not exactly visit this blog much and maybe on random days, I hop onto it. Today's visit actually entails a specific motivation. As I work (quite exhaustively), I'm in the habit of making my lunches for the whole week, so I don't have to order in and eat unhealthy. Hence, I was on my Google spree and discovered two excellent salad recipes: 

I thought I need an archive of office-healthy lunches and I was sick of cluttering my chrome bookmarks.

Off to make these now!