Sunday, February 27, 2011

Because frankly, it's holy shit.

So the citizens of Lahore were extremely happy and excited yesterday, that is, 26th February 2011. Not just because Pakistan won the cricket match against Sri Lanka, but because of all this as well:

NO. These have not been stolen from Dawn or whatever. These are very much personal. Although, dawn has got some really awesome ones too in their Media Gallery.

So, the folks got really excited. I'm guilty of sharing the excitement too. It was absolutely amazing.

Generally known as the 'Heart of Pakistan', as it's situated in the middle of the country, and 'Green city' because of its lush greenery, the city of Lahore can, indeed, be full of surprises. Last I remember, it was listed amongst the 'most polluted cities' in the world, basically in terms of air pollution. It is situated very close to Kasur, which again is actually 'The Most Polluted City in the Whole World' since it's an industrial city.

Lahorites went all crazy during and after this hailstorm. I am sure (infact, I know) that many people partied much and as it was Saturday night, the hype was doubled. I had fun too, yes. But this episode, was not exactly a good sign. It's a sign of Climate Change. And Climate Change is not good, people. It means disaster. Major disaster. The world might just end. Like in a couple years. (Worry lines, anyone?) Call me a cynic but don't. If the world really ends, well then, good. It has to end SOME day, anyway.