Monday, June 7, 2010

Happens.. !

Many a times, it happens that you hear a rumour, and it completely ruins your day. You get angry. You think of ways to deal with it, or confront with the situation. You think of big words to say and put up an accent. And when you find out it isn't true, and you're done with your outburst, it makes you feel stupid. Nothing exactly like that happened with me. But, it is somehow related. 
I got angry with the government's decision of allotting land to some fresh Forestry graduates, so that they could utilize it for their own good and make use of their degree. The rumour was that the land had a number of trees that were intended to be cleared away in the process and that it was already reserved for forested areas and not for agricultural purposes. My blood made its way through my vessels to my brain. I was already writing something for Environment Day, and I included this news. Today, I received an e-mail from the chairperson of an NGO that is currently in a struggling state to become established and it said that there had been a certain misreporting, that the land allotted is bare i.e. no tree cover and no harm would be done. It is just for the sake of some goodwill on the government's part for a bunch of unemployed fresh graduates. Now that is a good deed. Hmm.. So we can chillax! 
I'm glad! But before writing this down as my next post, I felt a little foolish too about my previous. But I had to correct the wrong information in my post as well. I couldn't just let it be, thinking: 'Who reads me?! Tis okay!' But it was actually not okay with me. Thus, the correction had to be made. I ain't a chicken! :P   


SaJ said...

Hey Hey! I read you ;) Loud n Clear;)
Anyway...your intention was good...that's what counts!

Amna K said...

Hey :-)You must be Sajeel. I couldn't visit your profile when you started following me, till ofcourse you left a comment. Thanks a lot for reading me! I'm glad to know that! :-)

Alpha Za said...

To admit when your wrong is definitely the mark of a good human being. I do wonder the accuracy of either report, they still sound like hearsay. You may need to check out the land yourself!

Amna K said...

@Murtaza: *goosebumps* Even I am wondering at the accuracy of the reports!! Actually a revised Forestry law is being done by the government these days..and apparently people are making assumptions that land will be cleared away for agriculture. That lead to the misinformation. Stupid tree-lovers make my blood boil! ;-)

Mubi said...

i read you too !! but i m glad that theres still hope that trees can breathe in lahore :) and happy that you are concerned !

Amna K said...

Thanks Mubi! I'll try to keep Lahore safe for us! :-)
p.s. funny that I wasn't exactly complaining in this post that nobody reads me..