Sunday, April 25, 2010

Green Irony

There is this news I heard recently and it’s actually in the air these days that the United Nations is seeking a new climate chief to head the secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC). The amazingly ironic part about this news bulletin is that Pakistan has a nomination! Yes! We, the nation who is least, I repeat: LEAST concerned about the climate and its malfunctioning and with whatever crappy forecasted disasters the insane and damned environmental scientists keep babbling about and whatever shit it’s going to bring for us in the fucking future, actually have a nomination to put forth for such an immaterial thing as that! Seriously, I mean we are such cool punks!

Anyway, I am glad as well about it, but what the hell!

I remember talking to my ex-boss about climate change and its hazards; I remember speaking in a passionate manner (It was a new job and I was hyper). He looked at me with a smile and said: ‘Hehehe… Aww... You’re so cute!’ I wanted to puke on his face! ‘Amna, take a deep look around you and observe for a while the facial expressions of these people sitting around us. Do you think they will listen or be fretful about what you’re saying?’ asked Ex-Boss. After his remark, I was already looking forward to take my eyes off his corporate-shit face; hence I took the opportunity and looked around. I saw even more corporate-shit faces. ‘No, they won’t be,’ I replied. ‘Great! Let’s get back to work then,’ answered corporate shit face of an ex-boss.

Ex-boss belonged to the elite class of our society, well-bred, well-educated, well-informed, etc. I expected a little more positive feedback. Anyway, my point is, this is a man who represents an aware and educated class of our country, let’s not even think about above or below this class. So, the thing is, even if we have a nomination and say he does get elected as the Climate chief, where exactly is he going to take us? Pakistan will start taking part in more treaties, conventions, conferences, protocols, delegations, etc, but will never try to implement the roles and responsibilities of the pacts that will be made. Hey man! We have better things to look after, like Shoaib and Sania’s honeymoon suite and regular condom supply.

Listen, I don’t mean to sound negative-minded here at all. What I wish to make a point here is that climate change issues, energy crisis, water scarcity issues, global warming, etc, these things do not have a solution without the support of the people themselves. Action from each individual is required and utterly required. With a mind-set like the one expressed above, no matter how many climate chiefs get appointed from Pakistan, we will hardly land anywhere or near a solution. Our way of thinking needs to be changed; the whole system shouts for a change!     


Alpha Za said...

You are quite brilliant.

Educated people don't care because they have little or no faith in others who are not like them.

Just because you are educated, that means you have the capacity to act better, but no guarantee that one actually would.

Amna said...

Thank-you :-D

You're right. Educated people are also insecure morons. (except you and me ofcourse!)

If our Pakistani nomination does get elected, I am going to sit back, relax and watch his moves. I don't care how intelligent, experienced or awesome he is!

Ammara said...

the shoaib sania point is valid
nd the condoms ( well we needta control the population)
nd we need more people like u
educated ones... thoroughly re-educate our folks eh

Amna said...

Hey Ammara,

Thank-you! :-)

I'm going to start this global campaign to re-educate folks in the near future. I'm just scared that I might use a lot of insulting and bad language for them (and I have to show them I'm educated!)