Thursday, May 6, 2010


In one of my early semesters, I took a course for Creative Writing and thought I'd become cool. But it was pretty much a useless course. I'm still cool though. Just one interesting thing that I learnt was writing random words and things that came to your mind. It was actually an activity and as much as I don't appreciate randomness, I enjoyed it. Today, I feel very random because my brain is absolutely not working and I don't feel my green spirit at all. This is because I am sick for the past two days and have been forcing myself to work, not because I want to but I have to. Anyway, this condition has reminded me of that certain activity which is actually my very true condition at the moment. Here goes:

Farewell.script auto-saved.blogger.document1.mail.sent.notification.AJM.virtual.facebook.g-mail.indoor plants.emotional boss.miss long hair.blocked.revision.nursery rhymes.lunch-box.bundu belt and red sash.bridge.trees.swings.hall.principal.curly hair.parties.friends.glasses.sports day.sweat dude at work.very dumb.sorry.hormones.headache.nausea.workload.brownies.summer clothes.little sister.american more research or go to hell.give more references or seriously go to it live.more fun.yuck.snob big time.don't come any close for your own good.repeat.snob.big time.fellowship or scholarship.both.want more.big bad world and can't take any chances.hate feeling weak.must.shower.superman.loubly.will you stay?tomorrow will future.malaysia is nice.maldives is player.creepy world.e-mail not in saved pick up.home.mean bag.sardar sahab.ahahahahah!