Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's not fair

Considering this big bad world, as I choose to call it, it's almost always not fair. After yesterday's most heartrending incident of the attack on the minority community: Ahmedis, in Lahore, we (at least the immediate folks around me) are struck with confusion, bewilderment and a strong feeling of impatience. Some are angry, some are agitated, some are sad, some are disappointed and many are just plain quiet. 

A little later after the incident, while I was reading through tweets, I came across an extremely outrageous one by one of the most eminent writers in Pakistan: 'Hairy men attack Ahmadiyya mosque in Lahore. The news gives Amir Liaqat a massive hard-on...' It totally cracked me up, although the writer's blood was evidently boiling. Clearly, he points at the man to be one of the hate-mongers and well, let me face it, the man is a total crackpot and through Geo: A Jahil Online. Hence, we allow such Jahils to be on the mainstream. 

Not that I wish to go back in Pak History, but I cannot help realizing the fact that how well the extremists have progressed. How is it that evil always tends to flourish on this large a scale? It's not fair. We would like to think that there are or there could still be good inhabitants of this world breathing somewhere somehow. But then it gets really thorny to keep this hope up. 

The current situation is pretty much like this that when there is some kind of commotion around you and you cannot take the crap anymore and you shout out loud: SHUT UP! And then suddenly there's silence! Because all you desire is peace. The question is: How do we do that? How do we make the 'shut up' to be thunderous enough that silence is promptly followed? 

The scariest question is: Is it too late? 

I fantasize. I have begun to actually. Since there is only bitter reality around, I took this path. And this fantasy leads to a Pakistan minus the terrorist/extremist/Taliban/sectarian violence issues. It's bad for my health I suppose. Which is why I tend to enjoy such tweets as above told. 

Should stop babbling now. I am actually really sad about the whole thing. And I have no doubt I will forget about this sadness after a few days. Well, not forget about it but forget feeling sad about it. All because this (bloody) life has to go on. 



Divaa D said...

let us fantasize together -

Amna K said...

Divaa D: How creepy! Thanks for the comment though! :-)