Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So.. I'm Perfect?

So this morning, when Dad and I were getting into the car to drop me off to work, we heard a sound from behind us that went 'Chich Chich'. Yeah, the same sound the Road-Romeos make when they see dupatta-clad embarrassing girls walking past them. We looked around to see where it came from and it was none other than my one and only Super-Mom who was standing on the terrace and hitting on my Dad. The weather was a little awesome and she was apparently in a playful mood. (not to mention struck with mid-life crisis) And so she took the opportunity to 'harass' my innocent Dad whose face most certainly lighted up and he smiled embarrassingly at her. As they both stood smiling at each other, reminiscing their younger days for a few moments (I guess), I was shit worried about the neighbors catching them and I had to say: 'Dad! Please move! and Mom! Go inside!!'. What love-birds of parents I got!

Taking the subject of harassment forward, I would first like to mention here that I have heard and read about a gazillion stories on the subject of women being harassed at offices and whatever workplace they go to. Although I am not a 'Women Rights Activist', it always does make me angry and sad. If it was a topic under discussion in a drawing-room, I would mostly stay quiet and only question: 'But why do women let it happen to themselves?' Apparently, they are under pressure, they have a family to look after and provide for, they are black-mailed, blah blah. The topic was later of no concern to me.

I have been to a few workplaces and as little time I got to spend there (as they were internships and short-term employments), I only found a bunch of confident and classy women working around me. I never heard about any such incident then. Currently employed at an NGO, I have made a friend out of my colleague. Not until a few days back, she told me what she had gone through and was going through. One of her direct colleagues, married with two kids, had been coaxing her into a relationship. I was only shocked. I thought of him as a respectable man and had never in my wildest of thoughts imagined he would do such a thing. He has left work due to personal reasons related to family and what-not. I asked my friend: 'Why were you quiet? Why didn't you take any action?' And she had not very good reasons to give me in return. So be it. If you women are weak, then you deserve to suffer. I am sorry if I am being mean.

Since I entered my mid-teens till today, I have faced criticism about my (inborn) 'Attitude'. 'Hey that little girl with an attitude? I swear she is so stuck-up!' And then my younger sister who studied with me in school and college always had such kinds of comments about me collected from her friends (from both school and college): 'Your sister has an attitude problem.' 'Your sister looks strict'. Only later, when they used to come over at our place and I served them with Lasagnias and Cold Coffees, their opinions would change: 'Your sister is such a sweetie pie!'

I never had any cat-fights though! LOL! Infact, I am grateful to God upon finding some of the most amazing people as my friends (forever). A time came when I actually got conscious about my social behavior and decided I would smile more. But I was the same. (I couldn't care less! hehehe)

After my friend/colleague's story, I am so glad I possess this attitude. It makes me unapproachable. It actually gives me the sole authority to allow people to come close to me. Makes me Perfect? :-D

The man she told me about always spoke to me consciously and in the most gentleman-like way. I never suspected any kind of informal or frank behavior from his side. (Maybe, he thought me ugly and unattractive!). I certainly did not expect him to act the way he did as reported to me by my friend. Again: Makes me Perfect? :P


Ammara said...

i think u shudnt spoil ur parents romance... nd the fact that she is teasing ur pop means she is a sweety nd nt that she is stuck on a mid-life crisis... duh... nd dnt giv a damn bout ur neighbors... if they bitch bout them... ur folks... they r jealous

i knw many people who hadta leave their job cuz of harassing bosses... who cn b very explicit..
i hada frend whose boss showed her his thing when she went to him with her file...
be cautious always... nd learn to interpret signals these criminals give... always giv them a no signal before they even ask... will talk mre on this....love!

Amna said...

Ammara, I know its sweet but my dad was harassed! :P

And thank-you for scaring the shit out of me by telling that incident. Most certainly, I do not expect such a thing to happen with me. (I'm perfect?) But yes, one should always be cautious.

Love, Love, Love! :-)

Alpha Za said...

That is really sad that your friend got taken advantage of in such a fashion, the truth is that we are all susceptible in one way or another to our seniors and women unfortunately have to bear the brunt of the most terrible experiences.

I hope your friend learns from, and appreciates you. And that other people take your 'attitude' for what it is ;) Your God Given Perfection!

Great blog.

PS: Spit in that man's tea next time he comes over to 'visit' the office!

Alpha Za said...

@ Amara: tell your friends father to cut her bosses balls off.

Amna said...

Yeah.. she does appreciate me. I did a bit of counselling on my part for her future encounters with ass-holes; although in a much less horrifying way than Ammara just counselled me.

hehehe.. Thanks for appreciating my attitude and my blog. :-D

p.s. Very good idea! But my spit is just too precious to be in his cup of tea! What say I ask the office boy to do it for me!! :-D Bohut Maza aye ga!! :-D

And Ammara, do convey Mr. Alpha Za's message to your friend. It's just the perfect way to deal with his manliness! :-)

Alpha Za said...

Office Boy it is.

Ammara said...

i also hope others take ur attitude amna..